I sit quietly on my mat and alone in my study, with the blustery wind whistling  through the gaps in the window frames.

A chill blows down my spine, while I meditate to clear my head from the day I had at the office. Peace and tranquillity soothes my body and soul, before another thought comes into my mind.

I open my eyes and wait, contemplating what will happen when I see night has fallen with a full moon highlighting the trees, like they are dancing in the wind, reflecting off the walls in my room. I close my eyes again and wonder if they are creatures of another kind, trying to possess my soul.

Looking at the clock as it chimes with a haunting echo, I can feel  a spiritual presence of the night, as it moves across the room during  ‘All Hallow’s Eve.’  No sound of footsteps on creaky floorboards, no talking, just a floating figure, maybe it’s a shadow or my imagination.

Is it a witch or ghost during this late hour? I ask myself wondering, whether I had in fact fallen asleep from my controlled concentration?

I think of the children and the adults whom refuse to grow up from their fantasies, with festivals of celebrating Halloween. The American way, with pumpkins made into lights and running around dressed as ghost, witches and vampires, trick and treating and partying through the night.

But this is different, have I lost control? I cannot move, I don’t know where I am any more.

I am now in a room of a another house within a clearing of a forest and I want to get back to my own room, my home, in my home town under moonlight.

A voice in my head is trying to control me, is it my conscience, or is it just a dream leading to a nightmare? Now the shadow has gone, but I can feel an ice cold presence.

Hello who are you, what do you want from me or is it someone else, in this room? Can you help me? I am trying to find a way out from this. Why don’t you speak to me or are you really there at all?

“Oh I’m here!” Came a voice out of nowhere.

Where are you? What do you want from me at this late hour and where are we?

“In my wilderness, that is why we have come for you. We are the spirits of the forest and feel it is time for you to rest your soul and what a better time than during the night of All Hallows’ Eve, while you are resting your body and thinking of something else. See! the trouble with that is, your mind is open to evil spirits, because your attention has strayed and they will possess your soul.”

What about the those getting caught up with the festivities with Ghost, Vampires, Witches and other creatures from beyond? Surely they are just as vulnerable?

“They will continue, year after year until they are too old, then pass to the other side with a fantasizing frame of mind, just like they do during Christmas, Easter, and other festivities of their religious beliefs.”

So where do I go from here and how did I come to be in this room? This isn’t my house. I am tired

 I want to finish my meditation before I turn in for the night and sleep peacefully, I want to go home now. It is turning light and now as I look outside through the door with trails of mist standing around on the other side, can you show me where my home is whoever you are?

“Your home is out there in the wild, Just go through the door, and my spirits of ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ will guide you to your resting place. Your destiny awaits you Timothy.”

Why should I go with your spirits and where is my resting place?

“In the clearing within my forest.”

Maybe I don’t want to follow you? You haven’t shown yourself. No Thank you, I shall just carry on meditating where I sit and maybe you will go away.

“Sorry Timothy! You don’t have a choice.”

Can this be true? What is happening to me? I feel my body moving and getting up from the ground, I just want to go home to sleep, but I can’t stop and feel myself being guided through the door. Oh my God! It really is time for me to go, goodbye everyone.



The annual march to the Cenotaph

From our armed  forces from past years

Many proudly wearing their uniforms

reflecting on the wars with tears.

Some would look up to the skies

Others concentrating on the road ahead

Caught up with the nostalgia

remembering those left behind who lay dead.

Bombs blasting shattering towns and cities

Machine guns firing everywhere

 in the air on the land and sea

The time when lives were left in despair.

Wreaths are laid in silence

A message that hurts every soul to the core

as the old veterans look on

reflecting on their times with the visions of war.



The time when darkness falls,

children make their annual calls,

to play their trick or treats,

hoping to be given tasty sweets.

Munching along the dark and empty street,

stomping like zombies on their feet.

From house to house just for fun,

scaring the old people then they run.

Witches cackling with hysteric laughter,

werewolves howl to the moon soon after,

vampires flutter and bite with their little fangs,

as early fireworks explode with loud bangs.

While others float around like ghosts,

see who they could terrify the most.

With reality and effects beyond belief,

Sending others screaming in grief.

As the midnight hour gets near,

little children go to bed in fear,

The older party through the night,

scaring others with guile and spite.

Blood curdling screams are heard,

from scenes and sounds so absurd.

In the night when the dead are seen,

when they join the fun of Halloween.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!